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15 Steps to Reduce Plastic


14 mars 2019

Plastic is a serious problem today. Nowadays, it is found in every corner of the World. It’s important we try to reduce its use in order to save our Planet!

There are reports that state that plastic is now also found in the table salt we consume. In a research conducted by South Korean scientists, together with Greenpeace East Asia and published by National Geographic, several international brands were analyzed and 90% of them contained micro-plastics.

For this reason, and so many others, it is even more important to stop using plastic!

We know that it is complicated today, there’s too much plastic around us.

So here are some easy tips to help with this change:

1.    Don’t use straws on drinks, even in restaurants.

Order your drinks without a straw. If using straws is a necessity, you can always purchase a steel, glass or bamboo straw and take it with you every day.

2.    Don’t use plastic bags.

You can buy or make reusable fabric bags.

3.    Don’t chew gum.

 It’s made from synthetic rubber, i.e. plastic. To boot, it damages your jaw and teeth.

4.    Pay attention to the packaging.

If you’re able to buy the same product in recyclable paper packaging instead of plastic, it is preferable because paper is easier to recycle.

5.    Use reusable water bottles and mugs for your drinks, even when you’re out and about.

And don’t buy bottled water.

6.    Use matches instead of plastic lighters or invest in rechargeable metal lighters.

7.    Avoid buying frozen food.

This type of food is mainly packaged in plastic. Even those that appear to be packaged in carton have a plastic film. This also reduces the amount of processed food you consume, which is healthier for everyone!

8.    Don’t use plastic cutlery. Ever!

9.    Don’t buy packaged juices.

Make your own juices or eat fruit! It’s healthier and you save money.

10. Make your cleaning products.

They are less toxic, cheaper and use less plastic. There are several easy recipes with products that you may even already have in your home.

11. Pack your lunch and snacks into reusable containers.

12. Use safety razors with reusable razor blades.

They’re better for you and the environment!

13. Avoid products with so-called "micro-plastics".

We’re talking about those micro-spheres that aim to scrub, for example. They can usually be found in body scrubs and toothpastes. Avoid products with Polypropylene or Polyethylene.

14. Use cloth napkins instead of paper.

It gives you a much prettier table and looks like you’re eating out every day!

15. Use a bamboo toothbrush.

Bamboo is naturally anti-bacterial and although the bristles of the bamboo toothbrushes we find today are almost always plastic, the truth is that the amount of plastic is still largely reduced. When we are discarding these toothbrushes, simply remove the bristles, which are recyclable, and put the cable in the organic waste bin.